Hey friends, artists and animators, EyeJack is accepting submissions for two new Augmented Reality projects. *No Augmented Reality experience necessary. We take care of that  Please think carefully about your submissions. How do you intend to use AR to bring your art and stories to life? The general feedback from our customers and audiences has been that they love it when the AR transforms the art or reveals something new. 

 General technical guidelines:

– Please make sure your emailed submissions are less than 5mb and preferably less than 3mb and that any images attached to your pitch are jpegs or in pdf format.
– Please make sure to provide your contact details, including your phone number so that we can contact you if we need to.
- email submissions to

- The EyeJack image recognition software relies on contrast and detail in the artwork. Soft gradient images don't track very well.  Here are some examples of good tracking and bad tracking...

^^ has lots of contrast. Gets 5 stars

Has fuzzy edges. Very minimal contrast between colours and no sharp edges.

Here are the submission categories...

Project #1 - A2 Poster

Format: Portrait 
Dimensions: 42.0cm x 59.4cm
Commission fee: AU$400 paid to selected artists for artwork and animation. AU$100 paid to sound designer for sound design
Deadline: July 15, 2017
Submission guidelines: Please submit the following three things...

1) low res printed artwork image = Width 695 pixels x Height  1024 pixel

*This image must demonstrate what your artwork will look when it is printed.  See example below...

2) low res printed image with AR overlay = Width 695 pixels x Height 1024 pixel
*This image must show the printed artwork with the AR layer superimposed over the top.  See example below...

3) Description of your animation. Please include links to your existing animation work so that we know that you can actually animate. Read example description below.

"The Augmented Reality animation will show colours swirling inside the man's head. The colours will emanate from the eyes, pulsing out like an aura.  Other colours will animate along the facial anatomy, respecting the natural curves like blood gushing along veins. Please check my animation work here"

* we can't publish all submissions. So we hope by you simply sending us a description of your animation we can save you a lot of work.  If we like your idea we will get in touch to discuss it further.

Please check out our EyeJack instagram for inspiration OR watch out Prosthetic Reality trailer here:


Project #2 - Comic Anthology

Format: Portrait
Dimensions: standard comic size 6.63" x 10.24" (25.7 cm x 16.8 cm)
Pages: Anywhere between 5 to 15 pages
Commission fee: 
AU$100 paid to selected artist per page and AU$100  paid to sound designer for sound design
Deadline: August 15, 2017

Submission Guidelines: We are looking for short form Augmented Reality comic submissions? ** STORY COMES FIRST ** What is your story about? How will use use AR to bring your story to life? We are looking for clever submissions.  We want every story to surprise the audiences and make them think 'Wow, that was great use of AR'. No cliffhangers please.  We want a well rounded story from start to finish. 

Please submit 5 sample pages of your comic. The sample pages should show the printed page, like the sample below...


and then the printed page again with the AR overlay...

Inspiration: Previously Sutu created Modern Polaxis, an AR comic book. The story is presented as the diary of a paranoid time traveller who hides all his *secret notes* in the layer of AR. It's a simple idea to justify the use of the AR and to make the AR experience fun. The audience can inspect the pages in AR to discover new details that change the course of the story.