EyeJack is an Augmented Reality App and platform that specialises in the curation and distribution of augmented art.

EyeJack Events

Cutting edge interactive experiences for events.

EyeJack Events provide cutting edge immersive art experiences. With access to new and emerging technology and a wide calibre of AR & VR artist from around the world we cater for conferences, functions, festivals, events, space activations and more.

With an extensive library of established experiences to select from, or the option to create your own custom experience, EyeJack can assist in curating a unique event that will leave a lasting impression on all.



EyeJack Creator

EyeJack Creator is the easiest way to make Augmented Reality Art.

EyeJack Creator is an Artist's playground for transforming animation and video files into AR animation artworks.

Artists create their Augmented Reality Art on their desktop computer and use the EyeJack App in tandem to preview their work in AR.

EyeJack Creator is free to use for creating and testing you AR art. When you’re ready to share your AR art to the world, simply contact EyeJack to publish the work on our platform.

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