EyeJack integration with 8th Wall

It's now possible to share your EyeJack Creator artworks using WebAR, thanks to our platform partners 8th Wall. If you're not familiar with how WebAR works, please check out our simple WebAR demo (https://webar.eyejackapp.com)

It is also important to note that 8th Wall image tracking differs to the EyeJack mobile app. For example, 8th Wall supports tracking of only 10 image targets at the one time, so your Collection needs to also be limited to 10 Artworks. Please read the 8th Wall documentation on image target support below.

This article describes the process of making your EyeJack creations work in the browser with WebAR. The major steps are as follows:

  1. Prepare a Collection of Artworks in EyeJack Creator 2020
  2. Download and prepare the image targets for 8th Wall
  3. Upload image targets to 8th Wall


Prepare a Collection in the EyeJack Creator

The first step is to create a Collection of Artworks in the EyeJack Creator 2020. Once you have created some artworks and put them into a collection, you'll need get the `Collection ID` by pressing the Share button and you'll see a popup with a Collection link. Press the `Copy link` button and it will be copied into your clipboard.

Paste the link into in a text editor and it will have the following structure.

Once you've completed the following steps, you'll be able to access this Collection in WebAR simply by tweaking the url to match the structure below (replace "launch" with "webar").

Note: We can also make the WebAR link a bit nicer using an alias, making the above URL shorter and easier to read. Contact us to inquire about using an alias for your WebAR project!


Download Image Targets

The one piece of the process that is not fully automated right now is the copying of the Image Targets into the 8th Wall web console. For now, this process has to be done manually as described below.

For each Artwork in the Collection, the image target needs to be downloaded from EyeJack Creator and uploaded to the 8th Well web console. We've made this step super easy by adding a button titled `Export image target for WebAR` (bottom right). Press this button and save the image target somewhere to your computer.

Please do not rename the image target file before uploading it to the 8th Wall console as the file name is the ArtworkID, and is necessary to link back to your Artwork in the EyeJack Creator.

You may notice that the image target has been letter boxed with white bars. We do this because 8th Wall require the image target to be in a 3:4 aspect ratio.



Uploading to 8th Wall

Uploading the image target to the 8th Wall console is the last bit of the process. We've already made the image target the required 3:4 aspect ratio, so the last thing to do is to upload the image target file.

Notice that once the image target file is uploaded, the 8th Wall console automatically gives it a name which matches the file name. Please do not change this name as it is used to link back to your Artwork in the EyeJack Creator.