Listings are dedicated, branded AR experiences. They are automatically featured in the EyeJack app making them easy for your audience to locate as soon as they go into the app. Outlined below is information required to create your own unique listing along with other helpful tips.

Listing Details

Here is a list of things we need to create you a listing on EyeJack.

  1. Title

  2. Description
    Short description of the event, art, location, artists involved.

  3. Link (optional)
    Could be the event website address with event info on it.

  4. Geolocation of Event (optional)
    You can find geolocation by going to google maps. Drop a pin on your event location and the gps coordinates will appear in the left panel. Copy those coordinates and email them to us.

  5. Geolocation range to Event (optional)

    When people open the EyeJack app, we can take them straight to the event if they are close to it.

    We set a range around the geolocation of the event, which is essentially a big circle.

    If the person is inside that circle, we take them straight to the event in the app.

    Please specify what you’d like this range to be. *We put a 10km radius as default that’s ok

  6. Event dates (optional)
    Start date and end date of when the event will be accessible via the EyeJack app.

  7. Image
    We require an image for the exhibition tile inside EyeJack app - 1242 x 916 pixels. This should be a photo of the art in the event space. We can also help design this image tile - we normally show a mobile device in front of all artworks which reveals a hint of the animation.

Listing Download Options

We have two options for downloading the AR content when the user launches the AR experience.

  1. Bulk Download
    AR content downloads as a single bulk download before launching the AR experience. The benefit of this option is that once everything is downloaded the experience is more seamless.

  2. Progressive Download
    AR content downloads when an artwork is in view of the camera. The benefit of this option is that the user can access the AR experience faster, but each activation is interrupted by having to download the AR content one at a time, per artwork.


You want to get your viewers straight into the AR experience with as little hassle as possible. EyeJack has perfected this process to be quick and easy for any audience.

Below is an example of the information required to efficiently onboard people into an AR experience. You may want to print this information somewhere or email it out to your audience.

This is just a guide and you can design it any way you like and add extra copy and information. The two things that we recommend including is a QR code (which we provide) that takes the guests straight into the AR experience when scanned. We also include a short (which we provide) that users can click or enter in manually into their mobile browser and this effectively does the same thing as the QR code, taking them directly into the AR experience.

Pretty easy right! Give it a go...